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What are Stainless Steel Fibers and why do we use them?

Stainless steel fibers are made from a mixture of elements and stainless steel. Some elements are carbon, silicon, manganese, sulfur, and even phosphorus. The addition of certain elements to steel allows for better protection against oxidation, as well as electrical conductivity.

There are many uses for stainless steel fibers, but some uses are more common than others. You will find these fibers are used a great deal in textile and electrical industries (anti radiation cloth, anti static brush, and even thermal resisting fabrics). Stainless steel fibers are particularly good at being interlaced at right angles, meaning that they able to be weaved. This has allowed for the fibers to be used in creating clothing. Adding these fibers to clothing allows for materials to be radiation proof. This is especially important for people working in dangerous radiation conditions, as well as people undergoing x-rays. When going to the dentist for teeth x-rays, they lay something that resembles a blanket across your torso and some of your lower half. This fabric protects you from radiation and is partially made with the help of stainless steel fibers. You can look at protective suits, space suits, and even cut resistant glove for examples of stainless steel fibers at work. The fabrics can really strengthen a glove; so for someone working with heavy hammers or sharp knifes, this can add a whole extra level of protection.

The steel can be mixed with nylon, wool, or cotton, which allow for people and companies to use it for many different things, such as carpeting, but that doesn't mean it is only used for clothing or rugs. These fibers are used to help us all communicate. What I mean to say is that stainless steel fibers are used in telephone lines and cable TV lines. The conductivity of these materials allows for quick and clear transfer of energy through the lines.

Carpeting, although soft and comfortable, can benefit from steel fibers being woven into it. How much do you hate static shocks? Having the fibers in the carpet significantly reduces the amount of static electricity. The metal in the carpeting diverts the shock away from you.

The use of stainless steel fibers allows many people to do work that would other wise be dangerous or impossible. The properties that we get from weaving steel and wool fibers together creates an incredibly strong fabric.