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Specifying types of Wire Mesh

When shopping for wire cloth, you will come across standard weave styles and unique styles. Each type of weave serves a specific function. This article is designed to give basic information regarding standard weave types and styles.

A plain weave, which is also called a double crimp weave, has wire in all crimps. This is the most basic style of weave, and is generally used for common screening applications.

An intermediate crimp is very similar to a plain weave, but with only one minor difference: wire is only in odd numbered crimps. For instance, intersections will only occur at odd numbered crimps, such as 3,5, and 7. This weave is also used for screening applications, but for particles that are large compared to the wire diameter.

Lock crimps are a style of weave that connects wire at pre-defined locations. The wire is locked in place at the intersections, which make it impossible for the weave to change shape. The weave can resist racking and it provides accurate openings.

A flat top weave leaves all crimps on one side, which allows for the other side to remain smooth. This allows for the weave to provide less resistance against material flow.   

Understanding different types of standard weaves will allow you to purchase the best wire cloth available to you. Be smart when purchasing woven wire cloth.

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