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Selecting a Screen and Basket

No one should be purchasing stainless steel screen mesh or stainless steel strainers without a good deal of consideration. The time spent planning will not be in vain because you will ultimately save more time and money in the long run. Considering the amount of options that are on the market, it is important to get the most appropriate product for you. Different systems functions require different mesh and strainers. Purchasing wrong will ensure the strainer doesn't do what you need.

The first thing to consider when considering this purchase is specifying the perforation (mesh size). This is the material that will be straining unwanted elements. The strainer is a mechanical filter, and it is able to remove and holds particles too large to pass through the openings (whether it is liquid or gas).

So, how does one determine the appropriate opening size?

It is a common mistake to go too small with a filter because this will lead to overstraining. The rule of thumb is that your openings should be about 1/2 the size of the largest particle that is allowable. It is only possible to strain impurities that are floating, and the most common range is 1 inch to 40 microns.

After determining size you need to consider all the different screen times. Although there are more commonly used types, that doesn't mean those will work for you. It is important to review your different options.

You can get perforated screens. The screens come in a wide range of sizes, and they are best for general straining. These screens are amongst the strongest, and so they are durable and long lasting.

There is also wire mesh. This is when you need to strain very small/fine particles and impurities.

Wire Mesh is one of the most commonly used screen types. It is reinforced with the heaviest gauge available, so that makes them stronger than perforated screens.

For more information, you can check out configurations of each type of screen. After you make your decision, you must finalize measurements for the basket diameter. This needs to be exact, so that the basket lies flush.

Making these considerations alone can be difficult, so contacting a professional wire mesh maker can help you navigate all your different options. Taking the time to plan now will save you time and money down the road.