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Popular Types of Stainless Steel

Wire mesh can be woven using different materials so that final products can perform very specific applications/functions/processes. Out of all conventional materials used, stainless steel is amongst the most popular. There are main reasons why this is the case such as strength and durability. Stainless steel is used more for its ability to resist corrosion than any other characteristic. In the wire mesh and wire weaving industry, no material has the same level of corrosion resistance.

Stainless steel has great atmospherics corrosion resistance rates, which is unrivaled by all uncoated engineered materials.  The steel can withstand pitting and staining when molybdenum has been added to the content.

The three most popular types of steel are Type-304, Type-304L and Type 316.

Type-304  is the most basic version of a stainless steel allow, which is used for weaving wire cloth. While outdoors, it resists rusting and oxidation (up to temperatures of 1400 Fahrenheit). This type of steel is widely used in the food industry because of its ability to withstand pressurized steam.

Type-304 L has less carbon than the above type. The lack of carbon strengthens weaving and welding characteristics.

Type-316 has a chemical composition with 2% molybdenum.  This type can resist pitting corrosion better than the two above types. An added benefit of 316 is that final products have a high creep strength when working in elevated temperatures.

Wire cloth and test sieves can be made with any of the three above types of steel. There are more options to consider when looking at stainless steel alloys.