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Industrial use for Wire Cloth

Wire cloth is used across a wide range of different industries. It can be created in an almost endless amount of calibrations, including materials, size, and spacing. Regardless of how the product is built, the primary goals are support, protection, testing, and custom applications.

The materials are produced in industrial factories. Materials are woven together in different patterns and densities. Different ways that wire can be put together include:

  • Precrimp Wire
  • Precrimp Space Wire
  • Wire Woven Mesh
  • Fine Woven Mesh

Mixing the above configurations with particular materials gives wire cloth a purpose. You will find wire cloth used for industrial filtering, insect screens, shielding mesh, sintered mesh, welding mesh, and micronic mesh.

A chemical processing plant will use stainless steel wire cloth as a means to safely and more efficiently process liquids and powders.

Waste and water treatment facilities used wire cloth as well. These plants use the material to help treat sludge and to filter water coming into the home.

In architecture, the material is sometimes used as a means to help design and build the frameworks for a building or structure.

If you are unfamiliar with wire cloth and you want to find out more information, give us a call at Newark Wire today. Whether you need test sieves, strainers, or baskets, we have your needs covered. 

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