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How to Save Money When Purchasing Wire Mesh

It is possible to save money while shopping for wire mesh without cutting corners and getting inferior products. Below, we will go over a few basic tips that will hopefully allow your business to lower costs while shopping for and using wire mesh.

  • Making sure that you only order what you need (no more or no less) will help you to keep costs down.
  • Quantity- how many rolls or pieces do you need to complete an application? One roll is typically 100 feet, but it is possible to purchase one piece that is 50 feet long. It is possible to get three pieces each cut to 8 feet lengthwise.
  • The more exact you can be with the type of mesh you'll need, the more money you'll save. Think about Mesh count, dimensions, diameter wire, and type of weave.
  • Sometimes custom mesh can be more expensive than purchasing what a company has already in stock. This removes the need for set-up costs that come standard with any custom manufacturing jobs.
  • Depending on a reliable and trusted producer of wire mesh will help you get the best possible deal on wire mesh. We keep overall costs down through housing a large stock of mesh and through close ties to manufacturing mills.

For more information on how we can help you save money without cutting corners or suffering with inferior products, please give us a call.