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Different Weaving Styles for Mesh Screens

There are many different types of mesh screens that are woven for specific functions and purposes. These mesh sieves act to remove undesired materials from industrial operations. This article will describe the varying weaving styles for mesh screens and their applications:

Twill Square Weave:

The Twill Square Weave Wire Cloth is woven in an alternating pattern: over two and under two warp wire. The warp and Shute of the twill square is weaved wire cloth.  This type of woven wire cloth has a design with parallel diagonal lines that gives the weave a specific mesh count.  The twill square weave is also woven with heavier wires which gives the mesh the ability to handle higher loads and while providing improved filtration

Plain Weave Wire Cloth:

The Plain Weave Wire Cloth is the most commonly produced wire cloth and is designed for simple applications.  These woven stainless steel mesh cloths are not crimped, and they pass over and under the wires at a ninety-degree angle. 

Inter-Crimp Wire Cloth:

This stainless steel mesh screen is woven with an extra crimp in its warp and fill wire. The extra crimps can also be found on the warp and Shute wires in the mesh.  The inter-crimp wire cloth is designed to leave larger openings in the mesh in order to strain out bigger undesirables.

Reverse Dutch Weave Wire Cloth:

The reverse duct weave wire cloth is a stainless steel mesh that has incredible strength. This is one of the strongest woven wire cloths available on the market.  The mesh is designed with a reverse twill Dutch pattern.

Double Crimp Wire Cloth:

The double Crimp wire cloth is manufacture with crimped warps and Shutes. They are crimped at intersecting pongs in order to keep the wires in a specific position.  Unlike the Dutch weave wire, the double crimp wire is not crimped prior to weaving.  

Lock Crimp Wire Cloth:

The lock crimp stainless steel wire mesh is produced via the pre-crimp technique.  The warp and Shute wires are both crimped at their points of intersection and ensures that there is no wire movement in the mesh. This makes the lock crimp wire cloth a very hearty stainless steel screen mesh.

These different metal mesh screens are all designed for highly intricate and specific industrial purposes. Before selected a mesh to purchase, it is always beneficial to contact a professional in the stainless steel screen mesh industry to gain knowledge and advice on the different available products.