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Choosing the wire diameter

Stainless steel mesh comes in a wide variety of wire diameters.  In order to pick the most appropriate wire diameter, it is important to take a few things into account. These include: screener capacity, flexibility, and durability that a specific application requires.  This article will help highlight the different characteristics to be aware of when choosing wire diameter

The first part of criteria that you should be aware of is the capacity of the screener. Wire diameter affects the open area of the screener, and subsequently, how much material can pass through the screen. Woven stainless steel mesh is typically defined by the percentage of open area; larger open areas yield higher screen capacity.  Screens can have the same dimensions and opening sizes, but still have different screening capacities because of wire diameter. Smaller wire diameters will always have a higher percentage of openings and as a result, will have a much higher screening capacity.

Smaller wire diameters also tend to yield to screens that are more flexible.  A screen that has higher flexibility is more likely to resist blinding. Blinding is a problem that results when particles that are larger than the screen opening, become lodged in the mesh. This affliction is commonly experienced in applications that handle materials with particles that match screen-opening sizes.  With larger diameter screens, particles that get stuck in the openings are harder to dislodge because large diameters are less likely to bend.  A screen with a smaller diameter wire has a more natural movement, and is more likely to dislodge a particle naturally or with the assistance of any blinding device.

Stainless steel wire mesh with smaller diameters may be more flexible, but they are also less durable.  Screens with smaller diameters have very short service lives, especially in applications that handle large or abrasive material loads.  If you are in the market for a screen that can process heavier loads, you will want to purchase a stainless steel wire mesh with large wire diameters. On the other hand, if you are more concerned with blinding, you may want to choose a screen with smaller wire diameters and replace the screen on a regular basis.

With the purchase of any new piece of industrial equipment it is always prudent to contact a screen manufacturer. This is important in order to determine the right screen dimensions, tensions, and diameter for your specific application. Professionals are well versed on the minutiae of stainless steel wire mesh, and can help you make the most appropriate purchase for your application