Similar to the aforementioned strainers, basket strainers are excellent at providing strainers for commercial and industrial industries that work with energy and petrochemicals. Industrial basket strainers maintain the security of piping systems by protecting the pump, compressor, metal and additional vital components. These strainers must be designed to be secure, and have sound mechanical integrity and performance. Two popular versions are the duplex basket strainer and the simplex basket strainer. Duplex strainers are used if the operator cannot shut down the system for routine maintenance. Simplex strainers need to be regularly maintained and cleaned; they also come in a variety of sizes and materials.

  • Individually designed to meet your requirements.
  • Available in all materials including fiberglass and PVC.
  • Baskets designed for full line pressure.
  • Easy installation and basket maintenance.
  • Retention from 5 microns.
  • Can be fully automated.
  • Economical.


  • No interruption of process during basket maintenance.
  • Can be fully automated.